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Terry Ohlms, CPA

Senior Partner
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 102

T.A. Ohlms was started by my father and uncle 60 years ago. It has been my privilege to be involved with the firm for the past 35 years, allowing me to do what I love, which is helping others achieve their goals. The business has continued to grow over the years with the addition of great partners and staff and we’ve been able to successfully continue to serve the area through our commitment to staying current with new laws and strategies.

I enjoy working with high wealth business owners by helping them navigate the integrated process of tax, estate, finance, and strategic business and life planning.  I enjoy breaking down the technical and complex area of tax and accounting so that my clients can better understand it and benefit from making more informed decisions.

I have a deep commitment to faith and family. I am blessed with a new wife of 2 years, 3 daughters, 3 stepchildren and 3 grandsons with 2 more grandchildren on the way!  I enjoy the outdoors; hunting, fishing, golf, gardening and all variety of sports.

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Lawrence Ehlmann, CPA

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 116

I have over 48 years of experience in public accounting and really enjoy working with small businesses and small business owners.  One of the best ways that I have found to handle the many challenges that come with this industry is to remain calm and take one step at a time.

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Cindy Owenby, EA

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 142
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Accounting and tax services are a family business for me since I have been involved in this industry since I was in high school.

I have enjoyed working with T. A. Ohlms, LLC for over 23 years and work with a large variety of clients.

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Debbie Schallenberg, CPA

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 101

This industry is constantly changing with new laws, regulations, and continuous technological and software improvements. During my 35 years in the industry, I am continuously learning something new.

While working at T.A. Ohlms, LLC for the past 25 years, I have been able to do what I love, which is helping people with tasks that will ultimately help them reach their goals. Each client’s situation is unique, but by staying informed and asking questions,  we are prepared for the challenges.

In keeping with the culture of T.A. Ohlms, I am committed to family. I am married with 2 sons and 1 grandson. I love traveling with my husband as well as playing golf and volleyball. In addition, I work with a great team of women as an independent consultant with Rodan & Fields.

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Kristy Boschert, CPA

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 147

I have been in the public accounting industry for over 20 years. I enjoy working with small business owners in all stages of their business life from setting up their first chart of accounts to daily bookkeeping activities, tax planning, and assisting in the sale or transfer of the business. I love to solve problems and help the clients reach their goals.

I am grateful for the variety of industries and people that I get to work with on a daily basis. No two days are ever the same. 

Laura Woodring, EA

Senior Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 103

The public accounting industry is always changing, giving me the opportunity to learn new information, explore new and better tax strategies, and in turn, educate and guide my individual and business clients through tax challenges.

T. A. Ohlms,LLC offers annual continuing education and a great collaborative working environment, which helps me keep abreast of the many challenges that come with tax preparation.

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Sandra Ray, CPA

Senior Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 146

I enjoy working with numbers and fitting pieces together to balance sets of books.  I love the variety of industries we work in including automotive services, professional services, real estate, construction, insurance, personal service and retail.

Communication with clients and peers is the key to staying focused and effective.

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Margaret (Peggy) Spink, CPA

Senior Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 123

I have worked in the public accounting industry for over thirty years. I am a right brain, numbers type of person. I love working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries while helping with all aspects of their accounting and tax needs. T.A. Ohlms,LLC is excellent at providing the training and continuing education that we need for each industry of the clients we serve. 

I have been married for 35 years and we have been blessed with one daughter who teaches strings and orchestra at the elementary school level. I enjoy golf and getting together with family and friends. I also like listening to classical music, as my daughter has been playing my mom's violin since she was 6. 

Brooke Hopkins, CPA

Senior Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 114

I completed my undergraduate degree in accounting in 2011 and acquired my Masters in Accountancy in 2012. This lead to me joining the great team at T.A. Ohlms, LLC in 2013. In keeping with the T.A. Ohlms' atmosphere of continuing education and opportunities to learn and grow, I achieved my CPA in January of 2015.

I enjoy the diversity of my days at T.A. Ohlms. I support my business clients in a myriad of ways, from bookkeeping to tax returns, yet I also have the opportunity to prepare individual tax returns through learning and assisting our clients on a more personal level. During tax season, it is critical to stay organized and focused so that we can help our clients plan and achieve their financial goals.

When I'm enjoying my downtime, I like to play slow-pitch softball, watch the Cardinals and go deer hunting. But the true lights of my life are my three nephews who really keep me on my toes!

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Amy Schmidt, CPA

Senior Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 148

Lisa Dockler, EA

Senior Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 154

Mary Mossberger

Staff Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 105

I started in this industry over 28 years ago which first working in an accounting firm preparing tax returns during the busy tax season.  I became curious about the accounting work that the accountants were performing, asked questions, asked if I could help, took accounting classes, and now here I am.

This career is very rewarding - I love helping clients with their businesses.  I enjoy working with payroll clients, preparing monthly financial statement reports, and helping clients with bookkeeping problems.  It's great to work in an environment where I can talk to and ask for support from my fellow accountants and co-workers.

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Patty Mebruer

Staff Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 151

I have been working in the accounting industry over 30 years. I started doing accounting work for our family farm and then received my accounting degree while my kids were in school. I am fairly new to T.A. Ohlms, LLC, but have been doing taxes since 2002.  I am currently studying for the IRS Enrolled Agent exam.

I really enjoy doing taxes for farm operations which has been a part of my life for many years.  Here at T.A. Ohlms it is like one big family, gaining knowledge from our co-workers. We enjoy time together inside and outside of work.

I am a mother of three children and have two beautiful grandkids.  When I am not working, I enjoy camping, quilting, needle work and spending time with my friends and family.

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Kaitlyn Simon

Staff Accountant
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 149

I joined the team at T.A. Ohlms, LLC fresh out of school, receiving my undergraduate degree in Accounting in 2017 and my Masters in Accountancy in 2018, both from University of Missouri – St. Louis. At T.A. Ohlms, I’ve been able to work with a variety of clients with a variety of tax and accounting issues. This has allowed me to keep up to date on the ever-changing tax and accounting laws so I can stay up to date for my clients, as well as continue to learn through each situation. I enjoy solving the array of challenges thrown my way during tax season and throughout the rest of the year.

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Tina Sargent

Office Manager
  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 134

Janine Haffer

  • Phone: (636)928-5416 ext. 100

Mary Widaman

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 117

Susan Deppe

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 117

Phyllis Schneider

  • Phone: 636-928-5416 ext. 144